Here is the list of the winners of the first edition of "Appassionata - International Music Competition for Amateurs".

"Excellency" Prize

Prize awarded to laureates who have shown exceptional artistic qualities on the instrumental, original and musical level.

In order of passage:

  • Eisele Farag Jimena

  • Loska Leonard

  • ​Phetsuwan Satita

  • ​Płaczek Agnieszka

  • ​Schulze Emanuel Grigori

  • ​Scarano Pereira Juan Pablo

  • ​Ladrière Manon 

  • ​« Les cordes à danser »

  • Sun Johnathan

  • Vandenbussche Anouk

"Honorary" Prize

In order of passage:

  • Chen Owen James

  • ​Jiang Miranda

  • Benhachemi Rafik

  • Couturiaux Louis

  • Ameti Liburn

  • Šoštarič Zvonar Isabela

  • Tolokh Sophia 

  • « Trio Radoux »

  • Vaes Arnaud 

​"Special" Prize

For a large-scale project in a particular context

  • "Les Ménestriers Mosans"