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"Dear participants,
Thank you for your great performances, your motivation, your hard work and your sympathy! The entire Appassionata International Music Competition for Amateurs (2023) team had an unforgettable time with you. We could feel talent, love of music and  desire to do well. This is exactly what we seek to promote within this one-of-a-kind project and you have made it possible so thank you again. We hope that this event was also special for you, that it allowed you to express yourself and flourish and that it will remain a good memory.
As I said when the results were announced yesterday, above all our competition is there to share a musical moment together, improve, gain experience and meet new people."

- The Appassionata Team - Bertrand Lavrenov (Director)

During the deliberation, the jury awarded 8 "Excellence" prizes (all equivalent) and 8 "Honorary" prizes. Here are the winners of the 2023 Edition (in alphabetical order)::

"Excellence" Prize 2023 (the possibility of recording a piece in a studio and appearance on the CD of the 2023 winners - participation in concerts of the winners during the Appassionata Festival)

  • Anima (Choir/ Belgium)

  • Barton-Smith Emma (Voice Soprano / England-Belgium)

  • Chœur Miangaly (Choir/ Madagascar)

  • C-sisters (Piano 4 hands & 2 pianos / Belgium)

  • Razumas Orestas (Accordon / Lituanie)

  • Spitzenreiter Piano Trio (Piano Trio/ USA)

  • Tan Victoria (Violin / USA)

  • The Nguyen Classics (Duo violin-flute / Belgium)

We will have a first concert of the winners this Wednesday, July 05, 2023 at 7:00 p.m. at the Imep, Namur. It's free for all participants. More info on here

"Honorary" Prize 2023 (honorary prize highlighting the artistic potential of the winners)

  • Calixte Xaviera (Soprano / Belgium)

  • Cras Nicole (Piano / Belgium)

  • Delchambre Lucien (Baryton-Basse / Belgium)

  • Gao Anne (Voice - Musical - USA)

  • Lee Yushuan Oceanne (Violin - Taiwan)

  • Melnychuk Olga (Soprano - Ukraine)

  • Quatuor and Squad (Ensemble instrumental - Madagascar)

  • Sprumont Adrien (Traverse flute- Belgium)

Congratulations to all participants & winners 2023!!!

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