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Appassionata - International Music Competition for Amateurs
Winners of the 2021 Edition

"Excellence" Prize
Prize awarded to participants who have shown exceptional artistic qualities on the instrumental, original and musical level.

  • The winners of the "Excellence" Prize will be invited to perform in Belgium for the opening concert of the Appassionata Festival that will take place on the 18th of April 2022.

  • They will be offered a recording session in professional recording studio.

In order of performances :

  • Eisele Farag Jimena

  • Loska leonard

  • Phetsuwan satita

  • Płaczek Agnieszka

  • Schulze Emanuel Grigori

  • Scarano Pereira Juan Pablo

  • Ladrière Manon  

  • "The dancing ropes"

  • Sun johnathan

  • Vandenbussche Anouk

"Honorary Prizes"

In order of performances:

  • Chen Owen James

  • ​ Jiang miranda

  • Benhachemi Rafik

  • Couturiaux Louis

  • Ameti Liburn

  • Šoštarič Zvonar Isabela

  • Tolokh Sophia 

  • "Trio Radoux"

  • Vaes Arnaud  

Special price"
For a large-scale project in a specific context

  • "Les Ménestriers Mosans"

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