Bertrand Lavrenov - Director


Kephren Baiwir - Coordinator


This first edition of " Appassionata - International Music Competition for Amateurs " aims to promote non-professional musicians on an international scale. This unique project is the initiative of Bertrand Lavrenov for the Lavrenov Music Society non-profit association. The project managers are Bertrand Lavrenov and Kephren Baiwir, two professional Belgian musicians.

The competition will allow any amateur musician whatever his/her age or whatever his/her nationality to perform and to defend his/her project on a stage. Now, more than ever, it is essential to encourage and support the arts' sector as well as teaching and education. This event will energize artistic education by offering purpose and recognition to its participants.

The "Appassionata" competition aims to bring together people (respecting the safety instructions on the date of the event) who have a common passion for music. This will allow the actors of the project to enrich their experience while sharing it. The competition organized according professional criteria is an opportunity for all the amateur musicians who participate to experience an exhilarating and unforgettable moment from the inside.

The participants who will take part in solo or in groups will be judged after their musical performance of fifteen minutes maximum. The aim of the competition is to promote and not to discriminate his participants. This is why the jury composed of recognized personalities will judge the musicians independently one from each other. Among other things, it will judge the quality of the performance as well as the originality of the project.

All participants will receive a participation certificate and various extras offered by the non-profit organization Lavrenov Music Society and its sponsors. In addition, winners will receive a prize-winner's diploma and possibly one of the following prizes; recordings sessions in a professional studio, photo shootings with a professional photographer, vouchers for musical equipment, the opportunity to perform in concert with internationally renowned soloists, honorary awards, etc.

Interested by the event? Check the ORGANIZATION page for more information!