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Appassionata - International Music Competition & Festival is an innovative, dynamic and unique project in the world which aims to promote all musicians on an international scale.

The Appassionata competition differs from other competitions by its desire to highlight the artistic qualities of the candidates. This is the reason why participants are free to present a program of their choice. The competition offers a real opportunity to its participants by promoting them and allowing them to flourish on stage.



This project is the initiative of Bertrand Lavrenov for the non-profit organization Lavrenov Music Society. The project managers are Bertrand Lavrenov and Kephren Baiwir, two professional Belgian musicians.

Through this competition, the two artists developed and proposed an original concept, that was initially for non-professional musicians. Their desire was to allow every amateur musicians whatever their age or whatever their nationality to perform and to defend their project on stage. It was crucial for Bertrand and Kephren to organize a large-scale musical project that allowed non-professional musicians to flourish.

News - 2023 Edition!

The great success of the first edition (2021) both qualitatively and quantitatively allows the competition to develop itself and see new perspectives. This is why the 2023 edition of the Appassionata competition will be combined with the festival and will allow professional and amateur musicians to share exceptional musical moments.

The goal of the “Appassionata” competition is to offer musicians the opportunity to perform on a stage and to surpass themselves. The competition also aims to bring together artists who have a common passion for music to allow the actors of the project to enrich their experience while sharing it.

Interested? Visit the REGISTRATION page for more details!


Bertrand Lavrenov - Director


Kephren Baiwir - Coordinator

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