Who can register?

All amateur musicians

  • All amateur musicians. That is to say musicians who are not enrolled or who have not graduated from a higher music institution for the discipline represented. Ex .: Conservatory of Music, University / Faculty of Music, High School of Music, Hochschule für Musik, etc.

  • The competition is open to students from music academies (children and adults), non-profit organizations and  music schools as well as self-taught musicians and non-professional musicians. In general, the competition is open to enthusiasts participants who practice music as a hobby or to musicians who dream of becoming professionals.

  • There is no age limit. Anyone can register from 0 to 99 years old and over .

  • All instrument players and singers , regardless of their instrument or voice type.

  • Different musical styles are accepted; classical, jazz, folk, pop, rock, country, Celtic, trduaditional, world music, variety music, improvisation (in the styles mentionned previously).

  • Candidates can participate as a soloist or as a member of a group . Ex .: Duo, Trio, Combo Jazz, Big Band, Choir, Chamber orchestra, Harmony orchestra, Folk ensemble, etc. The number of musicians per group is not limited.

What are the judgment criteria?

How the jury judges the participants

  • The jury rates the intrinsic musical quality of each performance.

  • The jury judges participants independently one of each other. Age is not part of the selection criteria.

  • All musical styles are judged on an equal footing.
  • Solo or group participation is not a selection criteria.
  • In conclusion, the judgment criteria do not in any way favor a particular participant, a group, a style of music or an age range.

How to register and to take part?

All you have to do is complete the online form, pay the registration fee and send your video.

  • Step 1: Read the competition's general information by visiting the page Organization .

  • You can enter the contest Online or Live.


Before June 01, 2021

  • Step 2 : Register using the online registration form available on the Registration page.

  • Step 3 : Post on Youtube ("Public" or "Private") a first video recording lasting about 5 minutes and send us the link on the registration form or by email. NB: This video can also contain the complete performance.

  • Step 4 : Pay the registration fee.

Before July 01, 2021

  • Step 5 : For all participants! Post on Youtube (in "Public" or "Private") the video recording of the complete performance of a maximum duration of 15 minutes and send us the link on the registration form or by email.

  • Step 6 : Only for candidates who wish to participate Live ! Go to the competition's premise on the day (between July 2 and July 6, 2021) of your public performance, which will be communicated to you by the organizers no later than 2 weeks before the start of the competition.

  • For Online participation. The video recording will be watched by the judges during the competition from the 2nd to the 6th of July 2021.

How much are the registration fees?

Registration fees vary depending on the number of participants.

  • The registration fees are divided into two parts: 1. application fee - 2. participation fee

  • Application fee is € 20 : it has to be paid by each solo participant and only once for the entire group.

  • Participation fee is € 30, it has to be paid by each solo participant and each participant of a group.

  • However, for groups of 11 or more participants , the registration fees are 350 € for the entire group.

  • Example for a solo participant: 1x20 € (application fee) + 1x30 € (participation fee) = 50 € in total

  • Example for a group of 5 participants: 1x20 € (application fee) + 5x30 € (participation fee) = 170 € in total

  • If you have any doubts about the amount to pay for your registration, do not hesitate to contact us.

How to pay the registration fees?

Go to the Registration page

  • Option 1: make a bank transfer to the following account: Han-Lavrenov asbl - BE33 3631 8257 4046 / BIC: BBRUBEBB with the communication Appassionata + LAST NAME (participant) + First name (participant) + Group name (if applicable).

  • Option 2: click on the "Donate" button on the Registration page . Enter the amount of your registration fees. Pay via Paypal or using a Visa card.

  • Option 3: If option 2 is not allowed in your country, we can send you a personal invoice to be paid by Visa card or via Paypal. In this case, please contact us by email.